The idea of founding COFAPRI was nurtured in November 2009, to bring assistance to DRC illiterate village women and girls.

The inspiration came from the contact we were having with The Safe World International Foundation.

On the 29th November 2013, COFAPRI was formally registered with the Bukavu local Ministry of Justice as a local organisation operating throughout South Kivu. Registration number: JUST. 112/S-KV/ 3922/2013.

On the signed letter of 28th February 2014, COFAPRI was registerd with the South Kivu Governor's office. Registration number: No 01/115/CAB/GOUPRO-SK/2014.

Where we are

COFAPRI (Congolese Females Action for Promoting Rights and Development) is based in Bukavu in eastern DRC, on the border of Rwanda. Membership extends to the surrounding villages. It is intended that it should extend throughout the Great Lakes Region and countrywide.
Women and girls in remote villages are our primary focus, since they are the least informed about their rights.

Who we are

COFAPRI is an organisation of Congolese Women and girls, highly motivated and with very strong positive moral values to support and empower the females to speak out their woes and sufferings.

Co-founders are husband and wife team, Mugisho Theophile and Bahati Valérie, both from DR Congo.

Mugisho Theophile has an MA in Conflict Resolution and is a university lecturer and writer.