In May 2016, Wfac’s SRHR student peer educators were asked to each talk on “What they understand by the word Feminism”.

Ateh (19), a peer educator with Wfac for over 25 months explained that feminism is a practice that advocates for equality and justice for all… ‘there are many goods in our world and community today - all thanks to feminisms/feminists activisms.”

Levian (16), a peer educator with Wfac for less than 13 months sees feminism as a platform that advances equal rights and privileges between women and men.

To her, the evolution of feminism has brought significant changes, advanced political campaigns for reproduction rights, social justice, fairness, equal pay for equal work done and challenged discrimination.

Nyelle (19), Feminism is about actions for change. As a feminist, “I am against any form of discrimination and violence. It is my hope that as we grow to adulthood, my generation be one with no discrimination”. “To be a female is not a crime. I don’t see any reason why women should be discriminated when it comes to payment, employment, positions in offices.” she adds.

Compiled by Thelma Neh, #Wfac_Volunteer