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Blue Veins

Blue Veins is based in Peshawar, Pakistan, and works to empower women and improve their status, and to overcome the barriers silencing women and girls. Blue Veins is born out of a need for information, activism and grassroots organizing towards the…

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Building the new school roof

Keeping the children dry at school

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we managed to repair our school roof before the rains started.... Panic had set in at our school in the Githogoro Slums when we heard that there was going to be heavy rain.

Safeworld Field Partners

Throughout the world there are thousands of small organisations working on the ground in their regions, helping people to develop sustainable livelihoods.

These organisations and groups seldom receive publicity and often struggle to connect with potential donors. To help with this, Safe World partners with grassroots organisations and groups working with women and children.

We help our Field Partners by highlighting their work, and encouraging public support for individual grassroot projects.


Aware Uganda

AWARE-Uganda is based in Kaabong, on the border of South Sudan - a semi-desert, impoverished, remote warrior region. Life in Kaabong is a constant struggle, especially for the women.


Blue Veins is based in Peshawar, Pakistan, and works to empower women and improve their status, and to overcome the barriers silencing women and girls. Blue Veins is born out of a need for information, activism and grassroots organizing towards the empowerment of women.


The BBF works to tackle the root causes of maternal mortality in Nigeria, promotes women’s sexual and reproductive rights and helps women to make informed choices.

women in Rwanda

Centre Ubuntu is based at Bwira in western Rwanda and helps women survivors of the 1994 genocide.
"Together we work to bring sunshine and smiles back in their lives."


COFAPRI is based in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo

The organisation empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as the rearing of livestock.


Safe World Field Partner in Kenya - Compassion CBO, was formed to eradicate poverty through education and sustainable development among women living in the slums and rural areas and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.


The current projects of New Life include orphanages for children of incarcerated parents, saving children from child labour, ensuring primary education for the rural children in India,


Samuel Siriria Leadismo is the very first Samburu warrior to start an organization to eradicate Female Genital Mutlation and child marriage... We work at the grassroots, in a poverty-stricken region of Kenya, to promote the rights of girls.


Public Welfare Foundation (PWF) works at the at the grassroots level to assist the oppressed, marginalized women and adolescent girls in Narowal, a city in a remote, underdeveloped region of Pakistan's Punjab Province....


Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED) - Safe World Field Partner in Cameroon - works to promote health, education, livelihoods, and rights of women and children in north-west Cameroon.

Safe World Field Partner in Pakistan, SAWERA, works for women's empowerment, education and peace in the tribal regions of Pakistan.


Sewa is a humanitarian, non-profit organization working across Sindh province in Pakistan.

The organisation works to eradicate poverty through providing facilities, training and education.


The Shalom Centre for Street Children supports some of the most marginalised and vulnerable children and youths in Tanzania, including street children, orphans, child heads of households, child labourers, trafficked children and sex workers.


SURCOD works to empower women and girls in Malawi. Projects include helping disadvantaged children access secondary education and developing women's community enterprises.


Uganda Rural Information and Communication Technology/Education Center implements community-based projects in the Busoga region of Eastern Uganda.

Girls start giving birth as early as the age of 14, and men marry 3-10 women on average....


Founder Ms Selestine Otom is an international advocate against violence against women and girls, and a champion advocate for girl child education. Her main advocacy issue is sponsorships and bursaries for bright needy girls’ education solely – to protect these girls from sexual exploitation and abuse...


At the grassroots level, VOW Initiative works with girls undergoing harmful traditional practices like breast ironing, FGM, as well working with rape victims. We also work with widows, and women and young people in prisons, and sex workers....


WFAC Cameroon works to promote and protect Cameroonian young women's human rights, and to support, connect, and encourage women to work together to create a caring community.


Our founder is a Sierra Leonean and lives in Freetown. During the civil war, he was forced to become a child soldier. In the middle of a gun battle, he risked his life to save a 5 year-old girl who had lost her parents. With this in mind, in 2009, he decided to use his education and professional network to help more small children.

Young Women for Change volunteers

YWC is a grassroots feminist movement based in Afghanistan. It is an independent non-profit organization working to empower Afghan women. They run a women-only internet cafe in Kabul.