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Sewing Centres Heal and Empower Rural Congolese Women

'As the world had ignored us when we were being raped, let us beat the bell and tell them we are here, we survived. They will see what we are doing with sewing machines here.' - Murhimanyi Chantal



Building Peace Project - Uniting Youth in India and Pakistan

The Building Peace Project was launched in March 2014 by the Red Elephant Foundation. The project aims at bringing together youth from different countries...

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The Safe World Field Partners Programme helps give a voice to grassroots women's groups around the world.

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To be a kid again, healing with art - Syian refugees

The Castle Art Project project provides a creative outlet for young Syrian refugees to laugh, have fun and be a kid again...

Australia: Stop the circle of domestic violence, NSW Auditor-General says.

Stop Domestic Violence

Australia: Stop the circle of domestic violence, NSW Auditor-General says.

Source: Evelyn Yamine | The Daily Telegraph

More is needed to be done to stop domestic violence recurring and to encourage more victims to go to the police, the NSW Auditor-General said yesterday.

A snapshot of domestic and family violence released by Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat reveals almost half of the 92,215 victims and 81,772 offenders in 2010 had been involved in domestic violence incidents before.

The report shows 12 per cent of victims had been in domestic violence incidents five or more times and 16 per cent of offenders were also involved in five or more incidents.

"Organisations are not providing a response that works or lasts for many victims and perpetrators," Mr Achterstraat said.

He said limited funds were available and made recommendations for organisations, including police and Family and Community Services, to achieve a more coordinated approach.

"No single organisation can fix this," he said.