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Iranian Mother Calls for Justice After Death of Blogger Son

Murdered blogger Sattar Beheshti and his mother Gohar EshghiBlogger Sattar Beheshti and his mother Gohar Eshghi

Iranian Mother Calls for Justice After Death of Blogger Son

Sources: RFE/RL | Iran Briefing

The mother of an Iranian blogger who died in custody has called on Iranian officials to make their investigation into his death public.

Gohar Eshghi, the mother of Sattar Beheshti, told RFE/RL’s Radio Farda that authorities have not allowed her to see her son's body.

She accused authorities of torturing her son to death.

The 35-year-old Beheshti was arrested at his home in Robat Karim on October 30.

He died several days later after complaining he'd been tortured by his interrogators.

His family was informed of his death on November 6.

In November said she did not belive the authorities reports that her son died from natural causes.

“I don’t believe this for a moment. Sattar was 35 and healthy. He did not have a heart condition to have a heart attack as they say, nor did he have any other problems.

They took my son on a Tuesday and on the next Tuesday they said to come and take his body. How can I believe that his was a natural death?”

“If he died a natural death, why didn’t they allow us to wash [his dead body] ourselves, so that we ourselves could carry out his entire burial ceremony?

Why did they threaten my daughter, telling her, ‘If you have no mercy on yourself, you should at least have mercy on your 6-month-old baby?’

Why didn’t they let me see my son’s face for the last time?

Only one of our kin was able to see Sattar and said that his shroud was bloody in the lower area of his legs and that his body was bruised,” said Gohar Eshghi.

“I want to tell those doctors that wrote Sattar died of natural causes that they must remember the Day of Judgement.

They are lying and I do not accept what they are saying at all,” said Gohar Eshghi.

“They tell me not to interview. I tell them that I am no longer fear anything.

I will not let my son’s blood be spilled in vein.

I tell them I will keep giving interviews until I get my answer,” she added.

Asked whether she agreed to the summary funeral of her son without objecting to being kept from seeing him for the last time, Gohar Eshghi said,

“Everything happened so fast. The forces did everything.

The forces even carried the body and my daughter and I only chanted La Ilaha Illa Allah [There is no God but Allah].

They didn’t allow us to do anything. I begged them to allow me to see my son for the last time, but they didn’t accept it.

They said that the shroud could only be opened inside the grave.

I never saw my son for the last time.

The entire prayer and burial took half an hour.”

Beheshti's death has led to several arrests and the dismissal of the head of Tehran’s cyberpolice, which reportedly arrested him for his online activism.

Iran's parliament called on January 6 for a special inquiry into Beheshti’s death.