Education & Health in Sierra Leone

WYCF is currently leading an Ebola education programme involving 10 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in Freetown.

Six WYCF children are currently in quarantine in Kroo Bay.

WYCF works in two communities:

Kroo Bay - a slum area, home to around 6,000 people of a variety of faiths and ethnicities. WYCF manages one primary school and is currently developing plans for a flood-proof school which wil be completed in 2015. Kroo Bay is currently a high risk area with regard to Ebola.

George Brook - an underdeveloped hillside area, home to around 5,000 people. During the civil war, many internally displaced people moved here, mostly from the Northern Province. There are two schools in this community, one of which is being built and managed by WYCF.

WYCF is also nearing the end of a school construction project and looking to build sanitation facilities in early 2015.

Please help WYCF to prevent the spread of Ebola, at the same time as continuing essential work with the schools.


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WYCF - Education & Health in Sierra Leone