Safeworld Field Partners

Give to the Grassroots

Give to the Grassroots


Vulnerable Children in Nairobi's Slums

Compassion CBO

Help provide education, health care and advocacy/advice servies to end outdated cultural practices such as FGM.
Compassion CBO is currently helping a young HIV positive girl whose mother is unable to afford medical bills - your help is needed!


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Supporting Survivors in DRC


Help COFAPRI support women and children survivors of domestic violence and war rape in the villages of rural DR Congo.
Together we can give them hope for the future.


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Donate to Brown Button Foundation, Nigeria

Maternal Health Care in Nigeria

Brown Button Foundation

Help Nigerian women to become aware of their maternal health rights and access safe to health care.
The Brown Button Foundation team of medical doctors provides health care and trains birth attendants.


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Farida Fund - Pakistan


On the 4th July 2012, co-founder Farida Afridi was brutally murdered on her way work at SAWERA's office.
SAWERA empowers women in the tribal regions of Pakistan, through teaching income-generating skills.
Please help ensure that SAWERA's work can continue.


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Empowering Mothers in Kenya

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls

Tackling root causes of child poverty.

Please help the Centre for Disadvantaged Girls to empower women through social enterprise.

Help mothers to provide a future for their children.


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Empower Women in Cameroon

WFAC Cameroon

Help WFAC Cameroon provide educational material to teach young women about their rights, particularly reproductive health rights.
Knowledge is essential for equality.


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Skills for Refugees


WEAVE empowers women in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border, with income-generating skills.
A member of the World Fair Trade Organization, WEAVE has a craft shop in Thailand, where the products are sold.


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Child Safety Fund - Central Uganda


Help EACO to provide clean water, advocate to end child sacrifice, and provide nutrition in sustainable ways, such as through a bee-keeping project.


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