Ramkot-Fasku-supplies1st May. Distribution of tents and dry foods to Ramkot Fasku.

By Sami Rana Thapa, Chairperson and Founder of Samida Women Development Forum

Updates from the Ground

29th April

Ramkot-FakshuToday field visited Ramkot Fakshu, a village outside Nepal.
The government doesn't provide supplies efficiently: all the injured places are far to be reached!

So many people are left with NOTHING! They need tents, food, water medicine cloths... 

We need to create teams and resources.


30th April

Sano-Bangthali-teamFirst young team will be dispatched to Sano Bangthali, Kavre - where more than 1000 people have been displaced from their homes - with medicine, generator, sanitary product, tents and food materials...

We still need more resources to be sent there, please do contribute today...

The team will include members from Samida Women Development Forum, and Nirnaya Educational Tour, and some individual donors.

I would like to thank all the team and our individual donors.



1st May

Today we contributed tents and some dry foods to Ramkot Fasku.

Further updates: Samida Women Development Forum Brings Supplies to HIV+ Children in Nepal

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