Kindergarten in Abu Nahla

Children of Abu Nahla Have Good News at Last!

By Kids for Kids

Abu Nahla was one of the poorest villages in the Darfur region, where 480 families struggled to survive. There were no brick buildings, and the only water source for 4,200 people was four hand pumps. There was no health care, and many children died each year from malnutrition or related diseases.

Then in 2010 it was adopted by Kids for Kids.

Now Abu Nahla is changing. There are two trained village midwives, two first aid workers, two paravets, and a revolving veterinary drug fund available in the village. People have been taught how to run their own projects, and the poorest 15% of families have been provided with 5 breeding nanny goats and a billy goat to share with two other families.

In 2011, Abu Nahla was chosen to be the site of Kids for Kids first kindergarten because of its success at running the projects. The school is the only brick building with latrines in the vast area. There is also a veranda for extra classes and play space, and trees for fruit and shade around the school.

Because the village has sub villages located as far away as 8 kms from the school, two Kids for Kids “school buses” bring the smallest of children to school each day--donkey carts pulled by strong crossbred donkeys!

Education is a way out of poverty and these 151 children finally have a chance to make a good start in life.

There are now 65 Kids for Kids villages, and we intend to open two more kindergartens this year and soon one in each village.  

Can You Help Build The Next One?

School Support Strengthens

We are delighted that two schools have adopted Kids for Kids as their charity for 2013/14. The City of London Boys School and Gordon's have committed to fundraising exclusively for Kids for Kids this year.

As Patricia Parker, the founder of Kids for Kids, says, “It is heart-warming to think of children here helping the children of Darfur and it shows the villagers that they are not forgotten. When I visit the villages they are always stunned that complete strangers want to help.”

Whilst Gordon’s School will start their fundraising this term, the boys at City of London School began in September 2013 and have already raised £11,000 from a variety of events including quiz nights, carol concerts, and tasting event (including supper) planned for the 6th March.

If you are connected to a school that may like to similrly help, please let us know.

How You Can Help


If you are in London, you can help us manage our stalls. We have lots of opportunities to have stalls at a number of events throughout the year but need more people to help. If you can spare a couple of hours, please get in touch. We particularly need help with ‘The Goat Race’ in London on 6th April and ‘Epsom and Ewell Fun Day’ on 21st September.

Abseil at Guildford Cathedral

Abseiling is a real challenge, and where better to take it on than this beautiful Surrey landmark?

On the 21st June 2014, we will be holding our first abseil. Up to 45 supporters will have the opportunity to abseil from the top of Guildford Cathedral!

The event will be managed by specialists at the Cathedral and there are virtually no restrictions on who can take part. The cost for this wonderful experience is just £75 and then we ask that each abseiler raises an additional £100 to help buy more goats and donkeys for Darfur.

Please share this event with everyone you know. Be a Dare Devil for Darfur!

If your business would be interested in supporting this event, please contact Patricia Parker.