Activism Tool Kit towards fighting Gender Violence

The Red Elephant Foundation is pleased to announce the REF Activism Tool Kit towards fighting Gender Violence.

As part of our contribution to the 16 days of Activism against Violence against Women, the Red Elephant Foundation has created an e-Resource called Activism 101. It comprises fact-sheets that offer complete information that would be ideal for anyone interested in being an activist for the cause.

Hop on board the Activism bandwagon and equip yourself with the biggest and most powerful tool that fuels change: Information. The dedicated research team at the Red Elephant Foundation has put together the complete e-Resource that is listed below with everything you need to help you become a strong activist.

Activism 101

The Sexual Violence in Conflict Manual

 A compilation of articles on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Security Council Resolutions

UNSC Res 1261

UNSC Res 1265

UNSC Res 1296

UNSC Res 1314

UNSC Res 1325

UNSC Res 1820

UNSC Res 1888

UNSC Res 1889

UNSC Res 1960

Legal Instruments

Beijing Declaration


Maputo Protocol

Windhoek and Namibia

Judicial Decisions

Grisworld v. Connecticut

Prosecutor v. Akayesu

Roe v. Wade

Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan

Fact Sheets

Climate Change and Women

Conflict Related Sexual Violence


Discrimination on the basis of Gender

Domestic Violence

Environmental Degradation and its impact on Women

Female Genital Mutilation

Foeticide and Infanticide


Honour Killings

Indigenous Women

Marital Rape

Prostitution and Trafficking


Refugee and Immigrant Women

Sexual Harassment at the Workplaces

Sexual Violence

Street Harassment

Unsafe Abortions