This year’s observance of the International Day of the Girl Child—and its unintentional, accidental, and poetic ties to Malala’s story — provides us with a practical model for how a determined and educated girl can impact our world...


Paying women for the work they do would not only express value for the work, but express value for the women says Swarna Rajagopalan, from Prajnya


On the second day of the 4th National Youth Peace Festival in Lahore, debates included topics ranging from Karachi to Interfaith dialogue. Over 500 young people, from all over Pakistan, are attending the three day conference.


A three-day fourth National Youth Peace Festival of 2013 began in Pakistan on the them of: “One Nation, One Agenda: Democracy & Peace”. Up to 500 youth delegates all over Pakistan are participating in the festival.

Balochistan earthquake victims | Photo: AFP

On September 24th a powerful earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.7, struck many parts of Pakistan. However, the province of Balochistan has received the greatest wrath of Mother Nature.

The major deaths and injuries are reported from Awaran and Kech districits with Awaran facing the worst damage.

Peace Festival 2012

The Chanan Development Association is organising a three-day fourth National Youth Peace Festival of 2013, based on theme ‘One Nation, One Agenda: Democracy and Peace’ at the auditorium of Ali Institute of Education from Sept 26.


Child abandonment and baby dumping are not an exceptional phenomenon in poor and developing world, including South Asian countries. Historically, many cultures condoned such practice, due to various social and cultural reasons but more prominently poverty and gender of the baby.

Pakistani print and electronic media, has recently also flashed the news of abandoned babies who were thrown by their parents or any other family member, at rubbish dump. Needless to mention that all of them are girls.


Virginity testing is the practice and process of determining whether a female person is a virgin, which means she has never engaged in sexual intercourse. These practices were conducted in many countries since centuries ago, but mostly have ended. But in Indonesia, the idea to legalize the test as a mandatory policy keeps returning.

Aware girls training session

Aware Girls’ has announced four trainings of the “Youth Peace Network”, in Malakand division (Swat, Shangla, Buner, Dir, Chitral, Malakand Agency.

The workshops are entitled "Skills for peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and reconciliation”,  and will be held in November and December