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Divya and Ilavarasan

Gender violence cannot exist on the scale it does in India unless there is endorsement and social sanction for it or at least for the conditions that breed violence against women.

House building in Gujarat follwing 2001 earthquake | Photo: Patrick Fuller

With the exception of the half an hour in the morning she leaves the house to collect fodder, Tamiben Wankh is confined within the walls of her homestead plot. The village she once lived is no longer.

Capital shame: Protesters mourn the death of a gang-rape victim at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. — Kamal Narang

Creating safety involves much more than just responding to violence. It is important to create the conditions by which women are able to move about safely and without fear of violence or assault.

WLUML 16 days

Women Living Under Muslim Laws calls out to states to remember that they have clear and concrete obligations under international human rights law to prevent gender violence, punish perpetrators, and provide access to justice, relief and reparations for victims and survivors of violence.


As part of their program to celebrate Universal Children’s Day; Social Research and Development Organization (SRDO) organized an important discussion on Children’s Right to Play...


Imagine a young woman, just out of college living in the city on her own, with a job. Every decision she makes throughout the day has to take into account how she will get to her destination, who she will travel with, how she will get home.


Amir Murtaza reports on recent study he led: 'the majority of employers are getting the benefits of child labour; however, they considered such acts as charity or helping poor children. Some of the employers mentioned that they only hired the child because he/she belongs to very poor family and despite the low quality of child's work they give a "handsome amount", only to "help" him/her.'


Every year on October 24th, people from all around the world, celebrates World Polio Day. The world certainly deserves celebrations as the deadly disease has been decreased significantly and it is estimated that barring three countries, Polio has globally been eradicated.

However, the occasion is a reminder that our fight against the disease should be more consistent and strong enough for a final push to wipeout the deadly virus from the face of earth. Historically Polio has been a major cause of death and disability among the children, especially in poor and developing countries.


24TH OCTOBER 2013 - Join Southall Black Sisters on protest against Racist Immigration Laws and Tactics

There are believed to be at least 60,000 victims of FGM in the UK. | Photo: Oliver Zimmermann at Zed Productions.

The Integrate Bristol campaign held something of a celebration recently, and it has a lot to celebrate in its work against female genital mutilation (FGM).

Since the group took on the issue, FGM has moved from something that the victims themselves were unable to speak of, to something that is discussed in schools, on television and in the UK parliament. But the route to acknowledgement, and from there to action, hasn’t been smooth.


Pakistan has made considerable progress in girls' education, particularly in urban areas. However, in poor rural areas, technology-equipped small community centers could make all the difference, says Amir Murtaza from SRDO.