'The SRA decision comes after threatened legal action on gender equality grounds and represents an important step in our campaign against the Law Society...'


The Building Peace Project was launched in March 2014 by the Red Elephant Foundation. The project aims at bringing together youth from different countries...


In the villages of Dor Fazy, Goz Byna, Hillat Hassan, and Hillat Kharif, and in the nomads community of Elkuma, there is jubilation.


Free sanitary napkins given to girls in a Kenya school helps improve school attendance

HelpAge health check-up

150 womens living in slum areas received a free health check on International Women's Day


When girls have an education and when women are empowered to achieve their full potential, not only do they win—but men win, families win, communities win, and whole countries win. In fact, the global community wins.

Kindergarten in Abu Nahla

Abu Nahla was one of the poorest villages in the Darfur region, where 480 families struggled to survive. There was no health care, and many children died each year from malnutrition or related diseases.
Then in 2010 it was adopted by Kids for Kids.


The Pakistani nation has been united in pouring salutes and tributes to Aitzaz Hassan, who has sacrificed his life to save the lives of his fellow school children.  The fifteen-years-old hero of the country had captured a suicide bomber targeting his school in Pakistan's Hangu area....


Think You Have Nothing In Common With A Woman In Prison? Think Again....


The “Building Peace Project” aims at bringing the youth from different countries to come together to dialogue with each other and to build peace. Our flagship initiative will be launched with participants from India and Pakistan.

pakistan money

Incidents of gender based violence are increasing in many forms in Pakistan. Financial stress or a decrease in family income has been recognized as a contributing factor.


The Red Elephant Foundation is pleased to announce the REF Activism Tool Kit towards fighting Gender Violence. It comprises fact-sheets that offer complete information that would be ideal for anyone interested in being an activist for the cause.