Chintan Girish Modi

Christina Makri interviews Chintan Girish Modi, founder of Friendships Across Borders: Aao Dosti Karein, about his work fostering peace dialogues between Indians and Pakistanis.

Aware Girls’ Founder wins Common Wealth Youth Award for Excellency in Development

Gulalai Ismail, Founder and Chaiperson of Aware Girls wins Commonwealth Youth Award in Recognition of her efforts for Strengthening Democracy and Human Rights in Pakistan

A young girl learning how to use a sewing machine at Ruhanga Skills Development Centre

A key issue for young women is access to sanitation as well as menstrual hygiene. These two issues have implications for young women’s ability to remain within the education system.


When the Arab Spring began in 2010-2011, it seemed like the conversion from dictatorial governments to democracies was really all that there was to the revolutionary movements. But with time, the impact that these movements and the ensuing civil wars had on gender dynamics soon became cause for concern.


A consultation exercise to gather local views on the viability of establishing a new marketplace in the village is being undertaken by the Ruhanga Women’s Empowerment Project, a small independent micro-finance initiative in Ruhanga


In Peru, Castorina Villegas and I were the organisers. We invited the mayors and government officials to share the work they are doing in order to prevent disasters... We were successful in gaining the commitment of the 120 participants and children who were present.


Red Elephant Foundation’s flagship civilian peacebuilding initiative, the Building Peace Project, brings youth of India and Pakistan in a year-long exchange using the internet and digital technology as a medium.


Eliminate violence against women. In fact, eliminate gender based violence all together and teach tolerance to a new generation that is tasked with solving some of humanity's thorniest issues.... Now more than ever, women need a voice.


One Sierra Leonean in the diaspora, Memuna, was not going to let people go hungry... this has led to the birth of Lunchboxgift. We have teamed up with the diaspora led charity 'Let Them Help Themselves Out of Poverty'... This will enable us to pool resources and skills within the broader diaspora network.


Social Research and Development Organization (SRDO) has been working closely with the Department of Women Development, Government of Sindh, on the popularization of Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013...


In the words of the Headteacher of Ngumbe, simple but transformational changes will allow the children to be able to go on to lead Malawi out of poverty...


Once again, our region wallows in the blood of the Palestinian people. We, Sindyanna of Galilee, are aiming to build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians...