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'My hope is that Womenfound will grow into a foundation that can create and fund its own programs on the ground to aid, empower and ultimately give dignity to women in need around the world.' Maryam Zar, JD, founder.

Main Focus

  • Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Peace Building
  • Poverty

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'WOMENFOUND was created in 2010 by Maryam Zar, a former correspondent, newspaper editor, and entrepreneur


Our mission is two pronged:

(1)To aid and empower some of the neediest women in some of the most impoverished and under-served corners of the world, where the combination of tradition and laws keeps women trapped in cycles of abuse, poverty and reproductive misery.

(2) To raise awareness of these circumstances and the challenges women face across wide swaths of this earth, through our website at

My life’s objective has always been to make a difference. From now on, my life’s work is to try and make even the smallest of contributions in a great-big world replete with need.

Our aim at Womenfound will be to reach the countless women who suffer through war and famine; death and disease; natural disaster and man-made calamity … but remain peaceful and pass their hope onto another generation.