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Da Hawwa Lur

Area served: Pakistan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Telephone: +92 91 525 0249

Da Hawwa Lur is a non-profit organization which is working to improve the socio-economic and cultural conditions for women in target areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan, to bring qualitative and long-lasting change in their lives, especially children – both girls and boys.

Main Focus

  • Advice Services
  • Advocacy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Education
  • Forced Marriage
  • Honour Based Violence
  • Networking

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Da Hawaa Lur at Peshawar High Court

Da Hawwa Lur is a non-profit organization which is working to improve the socio-economic and cultural conditions for women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan.

We work to encourage women to take part in trade unions and we raise awareness of their rights. Da Hawwa Lur advocates against all forms of gender discrimination and segregation – and any other barriers to women’s development. Da Hawwa Lur started working in 2000, with AASHA (Alliance against sexual Harassment).

AASHA was working as an alliance for the drafting of sexual harassment law. In 2012, the law for sexual harassment was being implemented among different groups of communities, governments and private sectors.

Da Hawwa Lur succesfully established a legal aid centre for victims and ran it for two years.


We work to identify problems and initiate sustainable solutions leading to a progressive way of living and improved capacity for development and self-empowerment.


  • To focus on the protection of women against sexual harassment, domestic violence, gender violence and to promote women’s empowerment.
  • To provide opportunities for women to take part in trade unions.
  • To create awareness about human resource development.
  • To build the capacity of community members through training, workshops, seminars and on-site visits.
  • To advocate for the implementation of all laws affecting women (particularly laws protecting women from harassment, honour-based violence, and early age marriages).
  • To establish free legal aid centres for women in KPK and other regions.
  • To provide shelters for older people.
  • To protect children from all forms of child abuse and exploitation.
  •  To advocate for the protection of home-based and domestic workers and raise awareness about labour rights.
  • To create a registry of home based workers.

KPK Working Women Union brochure

KPK Working Women Union

The first ever women’s union in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the Working Women Union, is a platform for all the working women to raise their issues and resolve them through proper channels.

Da Hawwa Lur organization, always determined to work together to promote and protect women’s rights by creating conditions of friendly private and public spheres, has been carrying out concerted struggles during the past years for the empowerment of women. This has been possible, despite the multidimensional challenges, as women of Pakistan have great potential to work for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy.

The union will include governmental and non-governmental institutions. These include the health sector (nurses, doctors, midwives, polio workers, health visitors etc), education sector (teachers, lecturers, college/school/universities, clerical staff, khalas, librarians, canteen staff etc), domestic workers, home based workers, industry workers, non-profit organizational workers, lawyers, police departments, banks, media women and the union will be open for membership in all other institutions where women are working.


Electronic and print media, civil society members, local government representatives, Pakistan Workers Federation, International Labour Organization, labour department, Sarhad chambers of commerce (women), and male local union. The authority holders of the specific institution will be taken on board by the union to establish the union in the respective institution.

Women attending launch of KPK Working Women Union


Pakistan is on the take-off stage of modernization. Khyber Pakhtun khuwa is rich in material and non-material resources.

The development process, from independence up to now, is low as compared to other provinces. There may be various reasons. The most serious is the lack of education and lack of awareness about health and gender issues.

Women are neglected in the development process because of the misinterpretation of religion, strong values, traditional mindset, patriarchy, stereotypes, gender segregation, and many other reasons.

The status of women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa varies considerably across classes, regions, and the rural/urban divide, due to uneven socio-economic development and the impact of tribal, feudal, and capitalist social formations on women’s lives.

The Pakistani women of today enjoy a better status than many women. However, the women’s situation, compared to that men, tends to be one of systemic gender subordination. Divergent community habitation and multi-lingual cultural characteristics are reducing women’s empowerment.

Demography of the area shows that this region mostly consists of Pashtuns, who are brilliant, intelligent and hardworking people living with their agrarian setup. Women of the remote areas of the specific province are living in a less developed sphere; they are not encouraged to participate in the country’s social, political, legal, and economic development.

In these grim circumstances, women are not encouraged to participate in decision making at the community and household level. Even education of women and girls is not looked upon with honor and dignity. Due to lack of exposure, their experiences are limited only to the vicinity of the domestic sphere. They don’t know about their social, political, legal and economical rights

These are the grey areas which should be discussed and improved.

There is a need for attention and awareness