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We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF)

Area served: Sierra Leone
Sorie Town
Telephone: +232 (0) 77435212
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Founded in 2009, We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF) is a non-profit NGO working for the improvement of the lives of children in Sierra Leone.
WYCF focuses on improving the standard of education and health of children, attempting to develop a happy and dignified learning environment.

Main Focus

  • Child Rights
  • Education
  • Health
  • Poverty

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WYCF operates in two communities in Freetown:

Kroo Bay

This is a buzzing slum community in Central Freetown – home to around 6,000 people.
There are two primary and junior-secondary schools in the community, one of which is assisted by WYCF.
The community engages in diverse and usually ‘informal’ economic activities and is comprised of a mix of faiths and ethnicities with intricate social connections.
Kroo Bay is crossed by two rivers which lead to frequent and hazardous flood events during the rainy season. In addition, Kroo Bay suffers from problems ranging from unemployment and poor health to high-infant mortality and political marginalisation.

George Brook

About 5,000 people live in this beautiful hillside community.
There are now two primary schools in the community, one of which is run by WYCF.
There has been no urban planning since the area was occupied by internally displaced people, mostly from the Northern Province, during the civil war.
From the George Brook football pitch, the only way to move further up the hill is by foot through rocky paths. These are extremely dusty in the dry season and muddy and slippery during the monsoons. During the rains, all rubbish and waste gets washed to the centre of Freetown, into Kroo Bay, and into the sea.

WYCF is a Safe World Field Partner.