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Year in Review

TME DVDs 2015

Several connections were made between members of the Alliance for a Safe World. Thare Machi Education donated educational DVDs to COFAPRI in DR Congo - and also helped provide DVD players and generators. The children were excited to see a DVD player.


The MBA team at the Kelley School of Business selected two Safe World Field Partners for collaboration in developing a business programme for grassroots women. The project was successfully piloted with groups in rural DR Congo and the slums of Nairobi.


"If today all these people... who do not know us want to help us, it means they love us.... " Murhimanya Chantal, DR Congo. The year 2013 was a year when, more than ever, our supporters made so much difference to so many lives.

 Cynthia 2

The inspiration for Safe World for Women, Cynthia, was a very strong, humble and thoughtful woman, who spent much of her life volunteering to help others, especially the old and vulnerable, and those less fortunate than herself...