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In volunteering with Safeworld*, the volunteer agrees to abide by this code in whole.

Safeworld* is committed to conducting its transactions and activity in a socially responsible manner. Safeworld* expects the same of its volunteers.

Safeworld* has created this Code of Conduct as a means of enforcing its commitment to deal only with volunteers who share its commitment to ethical practices.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, volunteers are also required to adhere to the *Safeworld Ethos and support the *Safeworld Mission and Objectives.

The provisions of this code constitute minimum and not maximum standards, and this code should not be used to prevent volunteers from exceeding these standards. Volunteers applying this code are expected to comply with national and other applicable law and, where the provisions of law and this Base Code address the same subject, to apply that provision which affords the greater protection.

Safeworld* recognises that its volunteers might be based in cultures with different norms and values. Safeworld* expects its volunteers to have a natural respect for ethical standards in the context of their own particular culture.

The relationships with volunteers are based on the principle of fair and honest dealings at all times and in all ways. Safeworld* specifically insists that its volunteers extend the same principle of fair and honest dealings to all others with whom they do business.

These terms are not subject to negotiation.

Safeworld* will not be bound by any handwritten or typed changes to this Agreement not specifically approved by Safeworld* in writing.


  1. Safeworld* insists its volunteers treat everyone fairly and should not treat any person less favourably because of their race, colour, religion, sexuality, age, gender, nationality or disability*.
  2. There is no discrimination based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation*.
    * Except where Safeworld* has objectives which are legitimately served and advanced through positive discrimination towards socially or economically disadvantaged women.
  3. In working towards equality of opportunity, Safeworld* wishes to establish a culture that enables volunteers to successfully balance work requirements with domestic and personal responsibilities.



In external communications with third parties, partners etc, volunteers shall not represent Safeworld unless expressly requested by a member of the Safeworld* management team.

Except where expressly representing Safeworld*, with permission of the management team, volunteers shall make it clear, on all social media accounts, blogs, external communications etc, that they are NOT representing Safeworld* in the respective communication.


Safeworld* insists that its volunteers:

  • Are committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and waste reduction.
  • Adhere to all environmental legislation, regulations and all local laws to facilitate the protection of the environment.



Volunteers shall treat others with dignity and respect. Physical abuse or discipline, corporal punishment, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation shall be prohibited.


In addition, in order to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, the following core principles are incorporated into our code of conduct:

  1. Sexual exploitation and abuse by volunteers constitute acts of gross misconduct and are, therefore, grounds for immediate dismissal;
  2. Sexual activity with children (persons under the age of 18) is prohibited regardless of the age of majority or age of consent locally. Mistaken belief in the age of a child is not a defence;
  3. Exchange of money, employment, goods, or services for sex, including sexual favours or other forms of humiliating, degrading or exploitative behaviour is prohibited. This includes exchange of assistance that is due to beneficiaries.
  4. Sexual relationships between volunteers and beneficiaries are strongly discouraged since they are based on inherently unequal power dynamics. Such relationships undermine the credibility and integrity of humanitarian aid work.
  5. Where a volunteer develops concerns or suspicions regarding sexual abuse or exploitation by a fellow volunteer, whether in the same agency or not, s/he must report such concerns to a member of the SAFEWORD management team.
  6. Volunteers are obliged to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of this code of conduct. Managers at all levels have particular responsibilities to support and develop systems which maintain this environment.



Safeworld* monitors the day to day management process to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct.


Safeworld* will review this Code of Conduct on a regular basis and will introduce revisions where necessary.

Volunteers will be presented with, and will need to agree to, any future revisions of this Code of Conduct as a condition of continuing as volunteers.


This Code of Conduct shall apply to all volunteers.

Throughout this Code, use of the term volunteers signifies the party agreeing to this Code of Conduct.


If the managment is concerned that a volunteer is not abiding by the Volunteers Code of Conduct, in most circumstances the volunteer will be informed and given an opportunity to explain the alleged misconduct.

However, the Trustees reserve the right to immediately dismiss a volunteer if it is deemed that the volunteer is bringing significant disrepute to the organisation and/or substantially inhibiting the achievement of the Safeworld* objectives.


While we recognise that volunteers are in no way contractually bound to *Safeworld, we do respectfully request that, should a volunteer need to leave for any reason, every reasonable effort is made to give as much notice as possible and to ensure the management is up-to-date with records, contacts, communications, etc.


*Safeworld likes to acknowledge the dedication of long-standing volunteers. The management is very happy to consider providing references for volunteers who have demonstrated consistent commitment, responsibility and passion, over a substantial length of time. Please ask!

*The Safeworld International Foundation (Safe World for Women)