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How to become a Safe World Field Partner


The Safeworld International Foundation does all within its power to ensure that Safe World Field Partners work to a high standard and share the Safe World vision and ethos.

This helps to establish trust between the public, potential funders and the Safe World Field Partners.

Safe World Field Partners must agree to adhere to the Safe World Code of Conduct and Ethos, share the Vision and support the Mission.

In particular, Field Partners must be able to demonstrate that they do not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin or sexual orientation and must not aim to promote one particular religion. Field Partners must not be affiliated with any political party.

Safe World Field Partners need to be constituted groups, whose aim is to help women and/or children, and must be able to supply an electronic copy of their Constitution, Aims and Objectives.

Safe World Field Partners need to satisfy The Safeworld International Foundation that they have in place a satisfactory Code of Conduct and must be able to supply an electronic copy of this document.

Safe World Field Partners must be regionally based, working at the grass roots level.

Expression of Interest

Groups who satisfy the above requirements and are interested in partnering with Safe World may send an 'expression of interest', in the form of an email, to Safe World Field Partners Manager, Jennifer Timmons:

Application Process

Jen Timmons will then help to guide you through the application process.

If your organisation meets the Safe World criteria, then your application will be forwarded to the board of The Safeworld International Foundation for consideration in consultation with the Safe World legal department.

During the assessment of your application, you may be asked to supply the names and contact details of two referees who are familiar with your organisation.

Please allow up to eight weeks for the application process.


Once approved, a new Safe World Field Partner will be asked for photographs and further information in order to publish the Field Partner profile on the Safe World webzine.

Safe World reserves the right to reproduce information relating to the Field Partner - including updates, blogs, articles and interviews - on third party sites in order to promote the work of the Field Partner.

Regular updates

Safe World Field Partners commit to sending regular updates, with photos, relating to their work with women and children, which will be published on the Safe World webzine.

Field Partners are also invited to submit blogs, articles and interviews which relate to women's issues in their region, written by the organisation's members or beneficiaries.

All submissions are subject to re-writing and editing, where necessary, to be approved by the Field Partner.

Safeworld is not a funding organisation

Please do not write to Safeworld for funding or grants. Safeworld is not a grant-making organisation.

We are all volunteers. The organisation relies on the generosity of supporters has very limited financial resources.

We do, however, all donate our time, skills and experience as much as we are able.

We are passionate about helping to raise the profile of authentic grassroots women's rights organisations so that potential funders, donors and supporters can more easily connect with them.