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The Safe World International Foundation is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation advocating for women's rights and inspiring new worldviews.

We collaborate with other international organisations, to promote justice and dignity for women and children.


Thomson Reuters Foundation

Thomson Reuters Foundation is the charitable arm of the world's leading provider of news and information, Thomson Reuters. is a gateway to the services of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, dedicated to empowering people in need with trusted information and free legal assistance.

A registered charity in the United States and United Kingdom, the Thomson Reuters Foundation leverages the skills, values and expertise across Thomson Reuters to promote the rule of law, save lives in disasters and improve standards of journalism.

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Global Press Institute

Global Press Institute is a not-for-profit media organization that trains and employs women across the developing world to be ethical, investigative journalists.

Since 2006, GPI has trained 117 women across 24 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, who now publish ethical, investigative, professional news features via GPI’s online Newswire and on 35 major syndication partners worldwide.  In all, more than 5 million people have access to GPI's unique and important news coverage each month. Read More



“Believing in the power of news ‘Media for Good’ WNN – Women News Network creates a powerful voice in the coverage of global women through human rights journalism.”

Starting from a writing assignment to cover global women’s news for the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2006, director Lys Anzia saw the vital need to report the many times hard and suffering stories of women. WNN news stories have appeared on UN affiliate and agency publications through WUNRN – Women’s UN Report Network and UN-INSTRAW, the United Nations Institute of Training and Research for the Advancement of Women, UN Women and much more.  Read More



The Global Call for Climate Action

TckTckTck represents an unprecedented network of more than 400 nonprofit organizations led by GCCA, the Global Call for Climate Action. Our shared mission is to harness the respective strengths of faith, development, science, environment, youth, labor, and other civil society organizations to achieve a world safe from runaway climate change.

The GCCA works to connect and facilitate the efforts of organizations from across the globe to communicate the urgency of climate change, campaign on the solutions before us and to mobilize the pubic in support of strong, equitable government action at the national and international levels.  Read More



Voice of Women Initiative is a member of the Alliance for a Safe World.

The Voice of Women Initiative (VOW Initiative) is a women-led initiative that explores the power of the web in empowering women through education, eradicating poverty and sharing a global voice of women and girls from different parts of the world.

VOW Initiative is inspired and promoted by a dynamic and passionate team of  young people from different parts of the world who dare to think that they can make a positive change in the world. This Initiative is non-governmental, non-religious and non-partisan.

This platform encourages women to tell their story (particularly to mainstream media) and to tell it their own way. This platform is open for women from all over the world.  Read More



Sisterhood was established in 2007 by artist and human rights activist Deeyah to empower young Muslim women by encouraging creative and artistic expression. 

It is a community of support and encouragement established as an open-minded network, founded on the idea that it is of benefit to everyone for each person to find their own life worth living and to add their voice, talent and strength.

Sisterhood provides ways to try it out through artistic disciplines—music, writing, design, dance, photography.  It is a pioneering force for young Muslim women who previously had no canvas for their creativity. Read More 



Pashtun Women Viewpoint advocates freedom of speech and works towards a democratic society, regional cooperation, social development—ultimately an environment free of terrorism, conflict, and oppression of all sorts.

Pashtun Women Viewpoint (PWV) strives to carry out research-based analysis for policy recommendations to the policy makers, regional countries, international community, development organizations, the United Nations, and others involved in the peace and security of the region.

Through publications, writings, and debates, PWV discusses current affairs and social and political issues of Pashtuns and relevant entities. Read more


Equality Now

Equality Now works for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls around the world.

Working with grassroots women’s and human rights organizations and individual activists since 1992, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support efforts to stop these abuses. Read more



AltMuslimah is a unique space for compelling commentary on gender-in-Islam from both the male and female, Muslim and non-Muslim, perspectives.

Within the first three months, AltMuslimah grew to 40,000 viewers per month, and today, that number has tripled.

In addition to a large and ever-growing readership, AltMuslimah has received numerous invitations from prestigious universities, think tanks, and mainstream media to speak publicly at various forums, partner on gender-related programming, and, perhaps most notably, to share content with the likes of the Washington Post.  Read More


Multi-Media Partner


Under A Banner is a UK-based band which has been making powerful, passionate and poetic alternative rock for almost three years.

The band provided the music for Safe World for Women's campaign video: 'So Quiet for So Long - We Scream'.

Under a Banner's powerful song, 'Scream', provided the inspiration for the video, which highlights abuse of women human rights defenders throughout the world. Read more





Safe World for Women is a member of TrustLaw Connect

TrustLaw Connect was launched by the Thompson Reuters Foundation in June 2010, with the aim of spreading pro bono work globally, helping lawyers put their professional skills to work for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and social entrepreneurs with limited means (as well as governments on a case-by-case basis). Read More



Safe World for Women is a member of AWID

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) is an international, multi-generational, feminist, creative, future-orientated membership organization committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights. A dynamic network of women and men around the world, AWID members are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more. 

AWID’s mission is to strengthen the voice, impact and influence of women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements internationally to effectively advance the rights of women.  Read More


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Safe World for Women is a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network

The Anna Lindh Foundation acts as a network of national networks which today brings together over 2000 civil society organizations from across the region for the promotion of dialogue between cultures. The National Networks reflect the diversity of their own civil society and work across fields including intercultural relations, heritage, religion, research, human rights, democracy and community development, arts, youth and education, gender, environment and sustainable development, and media. Read More



The Red Elephant Foundation is an initiative that is built on the foundations of story-telling, civilian peacebuilding and activism for gender sensitivity.

The initiative is titled "Red Elephant" to stand out as a vehicle that projects stories that must never be forgotten: stories that show you such courage that you should never forget, and stories that show the world such profound lessons that the world should never forget. In doing so, the initiative aims at creating awareness and opening up channels of communication towards creating societies of tolerance, peacebuilding and equality.
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