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I have been involved in social services since my college days and played an instrumental role in providing non-formal education to many disadvantaged children....


Following Tunisia’s revolution, I have been widely speaking about social movements... In 2013, I was named as one of the 25 Africa's most outstanding emerging women leaders...


Jill of most trades. Part time dreamer. Full time rebel. On my off days, I plan to take over the world... Activism is not a thing you do, its a way of life.


I believe in human rights. Since human rights violations across the globe tend to target women and children most frequently and most disparagingly, focusing on the advancement of these groups is a significant movement toward making the world a benevolent place for all human beings...


'In 2015, I was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) from BPP University London... I also studied national and international human rights law, conventions and treaties... I am particularly interested in women’s issues such as FGM, child marriage, and maternal health.'

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I am an eternal idealist and passionate believer that words can change the world for the better. I have an MA in Political Theory, focusing specifically on ethnic conflict, human rights and child piracy, and a BA in Philosophy with Journalism.


I am a sociologist and author, with a Master's degree in Gender, Identity and Citizenship.. For me, Safe World always meant love and freedom! By contacting other activists, I realized I am a survivor...


'I believe in diversity and the importance of co-existing with others... I am Mexican and a Muslim, and disappointed with the social issues and the political corruption in my country.'


I have spoken about the situation inside of Iraq, and the mental health impacts of war, to news agencies such as the BBC.


"I am Israeli, an activist for peace and also an activist for women's issues."


"I am a development worker and the founder of the Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization (SURCOD) in Malawi...


I coordinate nearly everything to do with our many grassroots organisations throughout the world... And I love that! They keep the light burning for me...


Advocacy and Middle East Correspondent for Safe World for Women.


"Violence against women is not a woman-only issue. It's a human issue. And if humanity is ever to move forward, we need to all move forward together - not just the men."


"I am a firm believer that any and all suffering and injustice affect us all... but that each one of us can do something to change it and make the world a better place for all.


I'm an American/Pakistani freelance journalist specialising in children's issues. I'm currently the associate digital editor for the International Rescue Committee based in NYC.


I first joined Safe World for Women in December 2011, as Volunteers Coordinator, after graduating in Politics from Lancaster University.


Zora Neale Hurston wrote that, “De nigger woman is de mule uh de world.” Yet, the more I read and live, the more I see that all women are mules of the world... For me, it is about breaking free from the cage that society, culture and tradition have built around us.


'I am a freelance writer and a student at the Irish Centre for Human Rights. My writing and work primarily focus on issues surrounding women and conflict.."


'I write fiction and poetry as well as blogging angrily about politics, and have had occasional bits and pieces published....'


I completed my Masters degree in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics in summer of 2012.... I am now back in Moscow and until recently I was writing and doing social media work for the oldest English language newspaper in the country - The Moscow News.


I am currently a PhD candidate... pursuing a collaborative degree in Women's Studies and Feminist Research and Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction.


"I am from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where I am a specialist in household violence in the Great Lakes Region.


Noorjahan has been recognized for her efforts for gender equality at home and internationally. She was Glamour Magazine's College Women of the Year in 2013, has been named one of Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women of the World and one of The Daily Beast's Women Who Shake the World.


"I founded 'Stop the Abuse of Rights' during my training as one of the Voices of our Future Correspondents at World Pulse. With such an empowerment opportunity, I know that there is no going back..."

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I have recently completed a Legal Practice Course...  with a view to specialising in law relating to domestic violence, family, and other human rights issues.


Currently working in international criminal law, I am also a Management Committee Member of Classrooms for Malawi. My key interests are in human rights, development and migration.